Custom Control Systems

Custom Control Systems

These WolfPack Custom Control Systems for our HDMI Matrix TV Switchers can be used in Sports Bars as well as Restaurants, Casinos, Bowling Alleys & many other installations requiring HDMI matrix switching.

We designed these Custom Control Systems with a tablet control to be used by:

  • Sports bar owners w/o a technical knowledge
  • Waitresses w/o a technical knowledge
  • Hostesses w/o a technical knowledge
  • Bartenders w/o a technical knowledge
  • DJs w/o technical a knowledge
  • ...and other similar employees

The Custom Control Systems owner will never be called at home and asked how you control the matrix when you buy one of our WolfPack Sports Bar Modular HDMI Matrix Switchers.

The WolfPack Custom Control Systems are designed to connect from 4-TVs to 100s of TVs and have options for:

  1. Control via iPad & other tablets
  2. Change DirecTV channels
  3. Change DISH channels
  4. Change Cable Box channels
  5. Any channel up to 100s of TVs
  6. Turn TVs ON & OFF w/one click
  7. iPad shows your floor plan
  8. Uses only one iPad page
  1. No expensive Touch screens
  2. DirecTV, DISH & Cable boxes
  3. PCs, DVDs, etc
  4. AppleTV, Roku & Fire Sticks
  5. Karaoke & Video DJ's
  6. Shows what source is tuned to
  7. CAT6 to 4K @ 175'
  8. CAT6 to 1080p @ 330'
  1. 4K now, don't have to upgrade
  2. 10-Button Keypad 150' away
  3. Dual Color Screens
  4. See a TV Guide on iPad
  5. 7" Color Touchscreens
  6. Any size or qty Video Walls
  7. HDMI Quad-View Card
  8. No Monthly or Yearly Fees

Listed below is a DEMONSTRATION of our Premier Custom Control Systems that you won't believe its capabilities, please take a look right now.

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